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Purpose-built for industries like construction, renewables and oil & gas, ProScope extends NetSuite to allow you to manage all your critical business functions in one platform.

We support project-centric ways of working and our range of features ensures that you can manage a project from cost to completion with native financials - all from NetSuite.

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Delivering unparalleled project clarity


Simplify Payments to Contractors, Subcontractors and Clients

Automation and tailored configuration increase accuracy.


Manage Procurement Processes From Sourcing to Use

Traceability and streamlined processes reduce waste and drive profitability.


Streamline Project Processes With Real-Time Updates

Critical business information is accurate and accessible, delivering actionable insights.

Critical Business Functions in One Platform

Application for Payment and AIA Billing

Automate payment generation with pre-defined rules and criteria with support for progress billing, change orders, retentions and payment reconciliation, all with flexible payment methods and automated reminders.

  • Real-time payment tracking  
  • Flexible payment methods 
  • Payment reconciliation 
  • Security and compliance 

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

Maintain compliance with a native NetSuite CIS module registered with HMRC that enables submissions with a click of a button. Being cloud-based means any legislation updates issued by HMRC will automatically be applied to transactions.

  • HMRC compliant 
  • Online verification  
  • Accurate CIS calculations  
  • Audit-ready with easy-to-track payments 

Project Procurement

Make ordering, moving, and managing project assets a simple and streamlined process, with procurement control right down to the task level – allowing you to hard allocate specific items and assets to individual sub-projects. 

  • Record keeping in one place 
  • Requisition 
  • Reservation 
  • Request for Quotation (RFQ)  

Rental Sales

Enhance visibility of rental equipment with capabilities to create rental forms with estimating functionality, and manage rental equipment and assets including maintenance, transit and rental time in one platform.

  • Clear asset status
  • Schedule usage and upkeep
  • Requisitions, PO billing and project invoicing
  • Reduce time spent tracking materials 

Revenue Management

Manage revenue based on Sales Order terms at the point of sale and easily configure rules for automatic revenue recognition based on project progress.

  • Company-wide visibility 
  • Automatic revenue arrangements 
  • Compliance with ASC 606 and IFRS15 
  • Track with completion percentages 

Shipping & Logistics

Optimize transportation routes as well as monitor and track shipments in real-time to ensure the punctual delivery of crucial materials and equipment to your projects.

  • Traceability  
  • Drag and drop schedule  
  • Asset management 
  • Streamlined workflows 

Subcontractor Management

Manage the lifecycle of one or more subcontractors during the project phase, within one unified system, for an overview of the project requirements, progress and revisions.

  • Real-time responsive tracking
  • Costing and requisition 
  • Competency management
  • Manage terms, processes and project progress


With enhanced traceability, gain confidence your team are equipped with the materials, equipment and resources needed for project success.

  • Data-driven decision making
  • Time and effort savings 
  • Streamlined processes
  • Offline access

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The Best SuiteApp for...

Project Estimating 

Build your bid confidently with a breakdown of project costs to the most granular level. Data-backed insights remove the need for guesswork and help you build accurate estimations that protect your margin.

Procurement & Inventory

Make ordering, moving, and managing project assets a simple and streamlined process, with procurement control right down to the task level – allowing you to hard allocate specific items and assets to individual sub-projects. 

Managing Subcontractors

Support your team in delivering projects and keep your company compliant with everything you need to source and select workers, handle contracts and documentation, and monitor progress and quality all natively in NetSuite.

"ProScope easily met all the criteria we required from a project management solution. The fact it integrates seamlessly with our new NetSuite platform guarantees that we will have greater visibility and control into our project management activities within a single solution."
“Because of its full integration with NetSuite, ProScope was an obvious best option for SGC. It allows easy access to information on all projects, enabling our project managers to address change orders, analyze project profitability, and respond to all project demands. Integration with billing ensures that finance can easily manage holdbacks and change orders. We’re excited to see the value it offers going forward.”
Sid Grabell Contracting
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“ProScope offers clear and comprehensive CIS compliance and will allow us to effectively manage all our CIS obligations with ease. We are delighted to be working with ProScope and have selected their ProScope CIS solution as it offers full integration with our existing NetSuite ERP Solution.”
Construction Contractor
“After searching for a suitable solution that would integrate with our existing NetSuite ERP solution, ProScope provides the perfect fit. We look forward to working with the ProScope team to implement the solution and are confident that it will bring significant benefits in relation to our financial and billing processes and in turn, the way in which we manage our projects.”
A Leading Independent Renewable Contractor
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Combine the power of NetSuite with best practice for complex project management

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Frequently asked questions

Is ProScope Standalone or do you have to implement with NetSuite?

ProScope has been developed 100% within the NetSuite platform.  Our Customers undertake a NetSuite implementation at the same time or are already existing NetSuite Customers. 

Why did you choose NetSuite?

NetSuite is the market leading cloud based ERP solution.  We initially started out implementing NetSuite for clients ourselves.  NetSuite is very powerful and flexible platform but needed additional functionality to help support complex Project Centric Businesses.  That’s where ProScope was born. 

What do I need to have in place for ProScope to work with my NetSuite Solution?

You need the NetSuite Platform, SuiteProjects & Advanced Inventory Modules. 

I am not based in the UK, can I still buy ProScope?

Yes, we have customers all over the world already using ProScope.  We have resource and Partners based in the US at the moment and this footprint is continuing to grow. 

We have customers utilising ProScope in the UK, France, Nordics, South Africa, Australia & many parts of the US.

I am not a construction business but I still need to manage Stock against projects as well as some of the other features you have. Is ProScope for me?

Absolutely – ‘complex’ projects that may require the management of project stock, project rentals, assets or equipment will benefit from the inclusion of ProScope. 

Can you integrate to NetSuite?

We are better than integrated. We are 100% built in the NetSuite platform.  All data is held seamlessly in the NetSuite database meaning you can access all information through the NetSuite Dashboards, Workflows, Alerts and so on. 

There is no need to consider ‘integration’ everything is within the NetSuite application. 

Are you verified Built for NetSuite?

Yes we can be found listed as fully a verified SuiteApp with the Built for NetSuite status on  This allows us to work more closely with the NetSuite community to deliver a unified business management solution with extensive project management functionality.