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Protect for ProScope

The ProScope Protect module addresses the full lifecycle of Risk, Quality, Health, Safety, Security, and Environment Management seamlessly within NetSuite. What sets Protect apart is its ability to fully connect with the master operational data stored within NetSuite, fostering synchronization across all business functions.

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Risk Matrix

Centralized Approach to Managing Risk

Guarantee a completely centralized approach to risk management by removing the obstacles which impact how organizational risks are recorded, monitored, managed, and evaluated, ensuring the ability to realise a collective risk management vision across the business.

• Easy-to-use interface

• Highly visual KPI-focused dashboards for every role

• Automated reporting

• Monitoring and evaluation

• Mobile app

Protect Dashboard

Truly Integrated Management with Role-based Integration

Using live operational master data, to ensure a seamless connection with NetSuite. Employees have direct access on a role basis to log cases and monitor progress.


Highly Flexible 


Built-in functionality can be tailored to your business-specific requirements without the need for costly customizations or adaptations.


Standardized Ways of Working


Establishes a single way of working covering recognized standards, industry norms, and legal requirements.


Compliance Assurance

Enables safe and efficient operations, designed to ensure compliance with international standards such as ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO26000, ISO31000, ISO45000, and ISO55000.


Automated Reports

Provides automated trend and periodic reports, streamlining reporting and allowing teams to focus on analysis, improvement, and value addition.


Mobile App Accessibility

iOS and Android mobile app for reporting incidents and monitoring cases on the go, fully integrated within the system.

Extended Risk Matrix

Risk Management

Fully Inclusive

The product has features for logging, managing, and monitoring which are easily filtered by department, project, location and exposure type. Designed to manage risk at all company levels of the business.

HSSE Management

Interconnected Data

Automated KPOs, trends and periodic reporting mean teams save time creating reports and more time is spent analysing, improving, and adding value.

Path 12973
HSSE & RCP Scorecard
Path 12972

Quality Management

Completely Traceable

The system enables Quality Campaigns, Quality Inspections, Audits, Change Programs, and Investigations including, reporting non-conformances to a product, employee, vendor and production line.

"ProScope easily met all the criteria we required from a project management solution. The fact it integrates seamlessly with our new NetSuite platform guarantees that we will have greater visibility and control into our project management activities within a single solution."
“ProScope offers clear and comprehensive CIS compliance and will allow us to effectively manage all our CIS obligations with ease. We are delighted to be working with ProScope and have selected their ProScope CIS solution as it offers full integration with our existing NetSuite ERP Solution.”
Construction Contractor
“After searching for a suitable solution that would integrate with our existing NetSuite ERP solution, ProScope provides the perfect fit. We look forward to working with the ProScope team to implement the solution and are confident that it will bring significant benefits in relation to our financial and billing processes and in turn, the way in which we manage our projects.”

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