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AIA Billing in NetSuite

ProScope extends NetSuite for industries utilizing AIA billing methods to allow them to seamlessly manage payment applications, retentions, and documentation - all within NetSuite.


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Everything in One System

Complex calculations, various payment applications and retained earnings can quickly become a headache in AIA billing. ProScope automates these calculations with precision, ensuring that each payment application aligns with the correct percentage of work completed, eliminating costly errors and saving time for your team.


Easy Regulatory Compliance

Integrate the latest industry standards and legal requirements seamlessly into your billing process, ensuring that every detail adheres to best practices and is compliant.

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Always Know the Truth

Access real-time data, so you always know the financial status of your projects. Whether you're dealing with overruns, change orders, or unforeseen expenses, avoid surprises and make timely, informed decisions to keep your project on track.


Meet Client Requirements

Customize your billing to match the specific requirements of each project. Tailor payment applications, schedule of values, and retainage to your project's specifications so that invoices accurately reflect the scope and progress of the project.

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Proven customer success


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Successful Implementations

"ProScope easily met all the criteria we required from a project management solution.The fact it integrates seamlessly with our new NetSuite platform guarantees that we will have greater visibility and control into our project management activities within a single solution."
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“ProScope offers clear and comprehensive CIS compliance and will allow us to effectively manage all our CIS obligations with ease. We are delighted to be working with ProScope and have selected their ProScope CIS solution as it offers full integration with our existing NetSuite ERP Solution.”
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“After searching for a suitable solution that would integrate with our existing NetSuite ERP solution, ProScope provides the perfect fit. We look forward to working with the ProScope team to implement the solution and are confident that it will bring significant benefits in relation to our financial and billing processes and in turn, the way in which we manage our projects.”

Frequently asked questions

Is ProScope standalone or do you have to implement with NetSuite?

ProScope has been developed 100% within the NetSuite platform.  Our customers undertake a NetSuite implementation at the same time or are already existing NetSuite customers. 

What do I need to have in place for ProScope to work with my NetSuite solution?

You need the NetSuite Platform, SuiteProjects & Advanced Inventory Modules. 

Why did you choose NetSuite?

NetSuite is the market leading cloud based ERP solution.  We initially started out implementing NetSuite for clients ourselves.  NetSuite is very powerful and flexible platform but needed additional functionality to help support complex Project Centric Businesses.  That’s where ProScope was born.

I am not based in the UK, can I still buy ProScope?

Yes, we have customers all over the world already using ProScope.  We have resources and partners based in the US at the moment and this footprint is continuing to grow. 

We have customers utilising ProScope in the UK, France, Nordics, South Africa, Australia and many parts of the US.

Are you verified Built for NetSuite?

Yes, we can be found listed as fully a verified SuiteApp with the Built for NetSuite status on This allows us to work more closely with the NetSuite community to deliver a unified business management solution with extensive project management functionality.

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